Affiliate Startups are very early stage startups that are looking to gain insights into the foundations of entrepreneurship and what it takes to build your own company. This role is generally reserved for those startups who are in earlier stages than the core teams, or who’s founder(s) have other commitments they must balance during the time of the program.


2017 Affiliate Startups

Let's Chat About It is a comprehensive platform that builds a community to share, support, collaborate and gain confidence to combat substance abuse and to better live life with mental illness. Our added benefits include blogs, chat features, reading materials, progress incentives, as well as connecting others who are going through the same issues. We will also provide on-site resources such as licensed therapists and psychiatrists. Our platform will be a supplement to professional support mechanisms as we help users re-assimilate to their life as well as provide a connecting space for users in all stages of recovery. Through this platform, users will be able to connect and help each other get out of the darkness together.

Guide designs an ecosystem of household products to improve life for the blind and visually impaired and to benefit the broader community. We see Guide becoming the gold standard in accessibility and human-centered design.

NPI offers an integrated software solution that uses big data to track real-time mobile performance from the consumer side. It aims at enhancing consumers' experience by (1) reporting technical pains to service providers to better optimize their networks, and (2) providing enhanced quality of service to consumers upon request.

Catapult Games is a virtual reality (VR) game development company. They are creating a climbing game inspired by classic games like Super Mario Bros. which will provide depth of content: something that consumers desire and that most VR games lack.