IgniteU NY in partnership with the Wasabi Ventures Academy brings you the Startup Foundations program!

an overview of the startup and venture capital world

SF101 (Startup Foundations) is a self-paced program in which participants get an overview of the startup world and learn firsthand from successful entrepreneurs and the founders of Wasabi Ventures. Topics include "What is a founder", "Startups versus small businesses", and "Startup ecosystems". SF101 is followed by more intensive courses with direct WV interaction. Successful students may be chosen to become Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Wasabi Ventures analysts, or WV Portfolio partners, among other roles.

How we are working together

IgniteU and Wasabi Ventures have teamed up to offer SF101 to budding entrepreneurs in Upstate New York. Participants in this program not only learn the basics of startup life from experienced entrepreneurs, but they also become part of a cohort of individuals who share a similar passion for entrepreneurship.

Learn more about SF101 meetups here.

SF101 is open to all applicants at no cost.

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