2017 Startups-in-Residence


Our.News is a new approach to determine the truth in news. It provides the public -- this means you! -- the ability to rate the truth of any news article yourself. It then computes all of the ratings across the community, and delivers back an overall score of the truth. Ratings are based on four metrics we call STAR ratings: Spin, Trust, Accuracy, and Relevance. Let your voice be heard.

Two Buttons Deep is a news and entertainment website bringing you stuff worth talking about from the Capital Region and beyond. Comprised of local writers, producers and personalities from across the region, Two Buttons Deep is a leader in new media for Upstate New York, a place that is often left unnoticed in the world of internet media. 

After a year of operation, 2BD has generated well over a million views on their original online content and has partnered with many respectable companies such as Fly 92.3, Lyft, and Red Bull.

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Major Buzz is a mobile application company that changes how restaurants do business. Zoombeeto is their first application which is a food ordering app and they are also working on their predictive data analytics tool. 

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