AIS Technology Showcase Recap


AIS Technology Showcase Recap

On September 13, 2017, IgniteU NY hosted the AIS Technology Showcase.


IgniteU is home to many presentations and showcases about emerging technologies in various fields. AIS’s presentation packed the room with cyber professionals interested in what AIS had to offer for the future of cyber security.


AIS was founded in 2001 as a software company focused on critical U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense cyber-technology requirements research. Today, the company is a national leader in the emerging field of cyber operations,  serving customers across businesses, industries, and the Federal government. The continuously work to “define and develop generation-after-next concepts and capabilities to support and defend cyberspace.”
During its showcase at IgniteU, AIS brought four members of its engineering team to describe and demonstrate two of their capabilities: SHIH-TSU and WARDEN.


SHIH-TSU - Scalable Hypervisor-based Installation of Highly Trusted Security Updates

A framework for conducting automated functional testing of systems on which updates have been installed both prior to and after those updates have been deployed organization-wide to ensure that business continuity is achieved.


Attendees were able to see firsthand the advanced R&D that will shape the future of supporting and defending cyberspace. A networking session followed the presentation, allowing the professionals to meet with the development team, provide feedback, discuss their own ideas, and look for collaboration opportunities to partner or pilot the technologies.


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IU Teams Close Out the Program with a Successful Event

IU Teams Close Out the Program with a Successful Event

Last week, IgniteU NY wrapped up the summer accelerator program for 2017. The teams have grown leaps and bounds over the course of the program, and they were able to display their progress last week at our Startup Showcase in Troy. The Core Startups and the Startups-in-Residence had the opportunity to present their companies to a crowd of more than 100 people. We also heard from a couple of the alumni on their successes beyond the program.


Each team in the program also had demo tables set up to showcase their companies during the networking session that followed the presentations—and the interaction between the startups and the attendees was even better than expected. The event brought in a wide range of professionals from the community, providing an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting new people!

At the beginning of the event, we heard from a number of our supporters in the Capital Region. Mike Walsh, President & CEO of NYSTEC, kicked off the Startup Showcase by speaking about the goals of IgniteU and how our recent partnership with National Grid—whose incubator program was created to help build an entrepreneurial ecosystem—is going to help us realize our mission foster the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem throughout New York State.

Katie Newcombe from National Grid also spoke at the event discussing the importance of incubators and accelerators as agents of economic growth. IgniteU is going to leverage the grant funding by developing a workshop series for the fall. Stay tuned for more information!

Robert Manasier, Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Innovate518, and Bob Pasinella, Executive Director of Rensselaer County IDA, also spoke at the Startup Showcase, discussing their involvement with IgniteU and the good they have seen come out of programs like ours.

After the core teams presented, the audience voted for their favorite pitch. The winner, Inky, was awarded a $1,000 prize to go toward a tangible business need. They will be using it to order delivery boxes to send out the books they have chosen for their customers as part of the company’s monthly subscription service.

 "IgniteU has been a much deeper learning experience than I expected,” said Simon Bruno, Inky co-founder. “This whole startup thing can wear you down. It was a privilege to be surrounded by people genuinely interested in the success of all the teams." This was a theme that was shown throughout the program: the startups took great interest in one another’s companies and gave supportive feedback.

All in all, the Startup Showcase was a great event—and a great way to end our summer program! We can’t wait to see where the teams will end up. Stay tuned at or follow us on Twitter for updates!

Final Stretch for IU Summer

Final Stretch for IU Summer

The IgniteU NY accelerator program is in its final stretch as teams prepare for the startup showcase next week. The showcase, which will be on August 2nd in the IgniteU office, is free and open to the public. If you would like to see the progress that the teams have made this summer, you can register for the event here. Meanwhile, we are providing the teams with the final elements they need to sharpen their pitches and demos.

This past week, there was a heavy emphasis placed on financials and branding. The teams, aided by expert financial and branding mentors, worked to solidify their revenue models and company brands. After a session with their financial mentor, the teams reiterated how valuable it was for them to have received feedback tailored for each startup.

“The cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work in many cases because no two companies are the same, and every company will not need the same structure,” said Mikayla Lansing of Inky.

Our branding expert worked with our teams in a group setting, encouraging them to help one another. The teams walked away from the session with a greater appreciation for branding and a better idea of how to convey the story of their company.

The startups had the chance to promote their businesses this week at the Meet the Startups: Early Morning Edition. At this event, the startups presented their companies at their own tables, similar to presenting at a trade show. We were delighted to share some early morning caffeine with new friends and supporters who were able to learn more about our startups and the IgniteU NY program. The startups made a number of valuable connections as they gained more exposure to the local community.