Lead Mentors – Assigned to a core team: 

Responsibilities and expectations:

  • Dedicated to a single team throughout the program. 
  • Facilitating 70 to 100 interactions during the course of the program by
    • Assisting the teams with developing and updating their outreach strategy. 
    • Making appropriate introductions between the team and your network.
  • Review the team’s progress and business model canvas
  • Assist the teams in preparing for pitch events.
    • Sitting in on pitches whenever possible
  • Participate in the team’s mock board meeting during the final week of the program. 
  • Meet weekly with core team and intern to keep core team on track with program progress
  • Meet periodically with the EiR to address team needs, especially early on in the program
  • Provide feedback to program staff on the program and your role
  • Expected level of commitment is 2-4 hours per week. 

Fireside chat: 

  • Meets with the entire cohort at least once to share your experience, best practices, and answer questions from the teams.
  • Provide program staff with brief bio to allow teams to prepare for chat and ask targeted questions
  • Duration: typically one hour or less

Guest Lecturers:

  • Coordinate with the Entrepreneur-in-Residence and program administration on topics and classes.  
  • Lead a workshop and provide expertise on a specific topic relevant to the needs of the cohort. 

Office Hours:

  • Hold office hours and meet with teams. 
  • One hour weekly preferred